Monday, February 6, 2012

Screen Capture Galaxy Y (Young )

How to Screen Capture with Galaxy Y.

the smartphone samsung galaxy mini variant versions and above, to capture screen must use the middle button combinations (menu) and the Back Button (back). but this can not be applied to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y. and whether the galaxy y can not be used to capture screen?
Could the answer,
way is: press the middle button (menu) and Power buttons together. See the picture below:

Screen Capture Galaxy Y

Monday, November 14, 2011

IRIS Personal Assistant for Android phones

Maybe you iPhone users are not familiar with the name "SIRI", siri is a software that acts as an assistant on our cell phones, a kit can make calls without having to seek contact, send messages without having to type, because it was all done with our command . 
What about Android phones? don't worry, because on the phone also contained "personal assistant" who is very intelligent, for example we can play or play music without having to open the music menu, but we simply say a command to play music, because the software "IRIS" will respond to and run our commands through voice or talk with "IRIS". software called "IRIS" you can download it at Andorid Market.
"which is quite interesting from this application is an application maybe invited talks as well as our personal assistant. "
Maybe there are still many short comings of the software or application, but in general these applications can be summed up quite nice and smart.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Windows phone 7.5 mango
Microsoft has issued a new product that is on the phone operating system called " Windows Phone 7.5 Mango ". The operating systemis claimed to be better than other operating systems such as IOSon the iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Lots of phones that have been using the Operating System " Windows Phone 7.5 Mango " is one of them is the famous Nokia 800n or so-called Lumia. and also on the Nokia 701 who have used the phone windows 7.5 mango operating system.
With this operating system in terms of ease of use is preferred, because the menu on the Operating System is very simple, simple and easy to use. in terms of applications, operating system is easier for us in the search, because with the "SmartApp" all applications are grouped by type of each (like all games Game Hubis located on and so forth).
Thus a slight advantage on windows phone 7.5 mango.