Monday, November 14, 2011

IRIS Personal Assistant for Android phones

Maybe you iPhone users are not familiar with the name "SIRI", siri is a software that acts as an assistant on our cell phones, a kit can make calls without having to seek contact, send messages without having to type, because it was all done with our command . 
What about Android phones? don't worry, because on the phone also contained "personal assistant" who is very intelligent, for example we can play or play music without having to open the music menu, but we simply say a command to play music, because the software "IRIS" will respond to and run our commands through voice or talk with "IRIS". software called "IRIS" you can download it at Andorid Market.
"which is quite interesting from this application is an application maybe invited talks as well as our personal assistant. "
Maybe there are still many short comings of the software or application, but in general these applications can be summed up quite nice and smart.

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