Thursday, November 3, 2011

Samsung and Nokia are predicted to be involved competition in the realm of flexible screen smartphone. Both rivals have been showing a prototype phone that the screen is flexible so it can bend-bend on the screen. 

Samsung has showcased AMOLED screen supple and flexible mobile phone concept Galaxy Skin. This handset has a thickness of only 8 mm. Flexible AMOLED screen allows the screen wrapped around the cylinder with a diameter of about 1 inch at the center crease.

While Nokia has show cased a prototype flexible in the arena of mobile phones Nokia World 2011, Nokia calls  'Kinetic device'. Most navigation on mobile phones made ​​by bending bent. Mobile phone users can bend up and down when going to zoom in or zoom out of pictures.

Samsung even claims it's ready to produce sophisticated handsets in the first half of 2012. It remains unclear whether Galaxy Skin which will be launched or the other model.

Nokia Kinetic Device

Samsung Galaxy Skin

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