Monday, October 31, 2011

Changing the Ringtone Notifications in Android

Of course you are very or already bored with the ring tones on the android notification that such a course. and you want to replace it, but having trouble, here we will explain how to change the ringtone notification on the Android with MP3 songs or music of your choice.
1. Get into my files or file manager.

2. Just info. Find the Media / Audio / Notifications /.
this is exactly where we will put the files or music tracks with the MP3 format that will serve as notification ringtones.

3. Search Music MP3 files or your favorite song and then "Copy" the file. (usually MP3 filesor music you save on the SD Card (DCIM folder)).

4. Once the MP3 file or a song has been in the Copy, then the next step is to put ("PASTE") file in folder "Media / Audio / Notifications / "

5. Open Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone. and then select your own songs (MP3 files).

Thank you and may be useful.

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