Friday, October 21, 2011

Galaxy Nexus is the next generation of Nexus devices co-developed by Samsung and Google. Nexus combines innovative hardware with the newest version of Android, 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the latest Google mobile services. Galaxy Nexus has become the first device using the operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. Combines the latest Android operating system is called Gingerbread with Honeycomb, which is used in tablets. Here are a number of advantages Ice Cream Sandwiches, as quoted from the official Google blog.

- Face Unlock:
Android is the latest operating system improvements of existingfeatures and adding new features. With features "Face Unlock",Galaxy Nexus can recognize your face, and you can unlock withfacial identification.

-Beautiful design
Android has a much different appearance from Gingerbread. It looks more elegant, and features of any notice enriched and more interactive. Google also make improvements with the optimalnumber of new fonts for HD displays.
Its interface was seen regularly. In this latest Android, users canview the application date (recent apps), which recently opened andcan be multi-tasking in the open apps. Recent appearance of theseapps look like those used in the Honeycomb.
Home-screen at the Ice Cream Sandwich now has widgets that size can be adjusted (resizeable). Then, a new feature that made ​​thehome screen is able to create folders, as well as action bar that canbe customized quickly.

- Google
In addition, Ice Cream Sandwiches are equipped with Google.Sophisticated, you can do teleconferencing with up to ten people with Hangout feature on Google.

- Instant voice
Now you can press the voice command button and start talking, but the text appears instantly when you're still talking. This is different from the previous Android, IOS as well, who do it in stages.

- Android Beam
This feature is a feature based on NFC technology. With NDEF Push technology, two Android phones using NFC technology can exchange data and information. So by just to tap, then contact, webpage, video, or music can be transferred, just like using bluetooth.

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