Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheap phone calls using Skype on a smartphone Android

skype on android

In this occasion I'll explain a little how to call at reasonable cost, given the current costs incurred to conduct conversations via mobile phones are very expensive.

What is needed? :
1. Which must use the phone with the Android operating system (I use a Samsung Galaxy Y with the Android operating system version 2.3 Gingerbread to the caller and my friend use the same phone, of course for mobile version above certainly can).

2. Sure on both the mobile phone (receiver and the caller) application installed "skype", if no, you can get it by downloading the android market (

3. Login with ID and Password in the respective application "Skype", make sure the receiver side and the caller is already established friendships on skype, (if you do not have ID on skype please register at for registration I suggestusing a computer / notebooks with network connected to the internet).

4. enjoy cheap phone calls using skype :) , because phone calls using the Internet network here.

may be useful. :D

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